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Norse Dragon Armoury

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 Christopher Peet
  Costume designer

The Norse Dragon Armoury are our costume designer for Gallowmere.

The Norse Dragon himself aka Christopher Peet is a retired mental health worker from Staffordshire has had a life long passion and knack of being able to make things to a very high standard and from pretty much any material.
He was soon spending hours in his workshop and producing costumes and facilitating local group photoshoots for an increasing numbers of camera clubs, models and photographers who’s enthusiasm was being fuelled by the TV series Vikings, Game of Thrones and The Last Kingdom.

His high quality leather crafting skills and costumes soon caught the eye of a number of film producers and well known costume designers resulting in a number of high profile leather craft subcontract commissions for TV and film productions.

Christopher is very excited that the film production arm of Norse Dragon Armoury adventure continues to roll on through Gallowmere.

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